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Fund History

The Missaukee Area Community Foundation was developed as a Geographic Component Fund of the Cadillac Area Community Foundation in 1999. This fund was established with the express purpose of enhancing the quality of life for residents of Missaukee County, Michigan. The Missaukee Area Community Foundation has its own Advisory Board of Trustees made up of residents of Missaukee County. Fundraising activities undertaken by this Advisory Board all take place in Missaukee County, and all grants from this fund benefit Missaukee County residents.

As a Geographic Component Fund, the Missaukee Area Community Foundation enjoys the advantages of reduced operational expenses while having access to the same professional staff, fund managers, and investment managers as the Cadillac Area Community Foundation. The Missaukee Area Community Foundation also shares in all of the benefits and legal rights permitted under State and Federal Laws and Regulations pertaining to the Cadillac Area Community Foundation, including IRS-designated status. This allows donors who itemize their federal taxes to take advantage of federal tax deductions.

Donations to the Missaukee Area Community Foundation are placed in two funds, the Unrestricted Fund and the Youth Field-of-Interest Fund. Gifts to the Unrestricted Fund provide increased grantmaking opportunities to address the broadest range of local needs. Gifts to the Youth Field-of-Interest offers permanent support and grantmaking opportunities that are restricted to projects and programs that benefit youth in Missaukee County, Michigan.

Missaukee Area Community Foundation Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Missaukee Area Community Foundation is to develop a community-wide vehicle for permanent endowments to enhance the quality of life in the County of Missaukee, Michigan.

The National Standards Seal by our name indicates official confirmation from the Council on Foundations that we have met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. It affirms our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability. It says our grantmaking includes an open, competitive process designed to address the changing needs of our community. The National Standards Seal also confirms our history of honoring donors' wishes.

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