Entries by Michael Parkinson

November 2019

Plan Your Year End Giving November is flying by and 2020 will be here before we know it. As you check off items from your end-of-the-year checklist, don’t forget that Dec. 31 is the last day to make charitable contributions in order to receive a tax receipt for the 2019 fiscal year.

October 2019

What it means to be a Blue Zones Community Blue Zones are specific areas, across the world, where the residents enjoy the happiest, healthiest, and longest lives. Their immediate environment supports their lifestyle choices and well-being. At its most basic, the Blue Zones Project is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to change the way […]

September 2019

Teaching Our Youth to be Charitable September is back to school month for many homes, and the student led CACF Youth Advisory Committee is excited for another year of grant-making and volunteering in the Community. Experts believe that no age is too young to introduce giving to your children. Teaching our youth to be charitable […]

August 2019

Becoming a Healthy Community – Changing Culture! Recently, I participated in a Strategic Planning Session to reduce substance abuse in the Cadillac Area.  Opioids, methadone, heroin, and student vaping were the topics.  Session participants included personnel from many fields including medical and mental health, law enforcement, judicial, governmental, social services, nonprofit organizations, ministerial, educational, as […]

July 2019

Profits Funding Passions ~ Celebrating 30 years of Philanthropy Thirty one years ago, a small group of community members, who had a vision, met to discuss the possibility of creating a Community Foundation for the greater good of the Cadillac area. On June 29, 1988, the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Michigan Department […]

June 2019

The “hub” for all things philanthropic. The Cadillac Area Community Foundation is a charitable organization that connects people, supports local community programs, awards scholarships, and leads for change in the Cadillac community. As the “hub” of all things, and in order to be aware of the issues and concerns in our community, we attend Health […]

May 2019

Story telling – donor impact Foundations are increasingly asking their donors to tell their story about why they invested funds with their local Foundation. These stories are educating our community members, businesses, organizations, and even our children about giving. A philanthropic message from a friend, one-to-one, will make more of an impact than a receptionist […]

April 2019

We earned our SEAL! The Cadillac Area Community Foundation has earned our Community Foundations National Standards Seal again for another year.  The Community Foundations National Standards Board confirms operational excellence in sex key areas-mission, structure, governance, resource development, stewardship and accountability, grantmaking and community leadership; donor relations; and communications.  The accreditation process is rigorous, and […]

March 2019

March is Reading Month Literacy is one of the most fundamental skills necessary for a successful future. Reading plays a critical role in a child’s cognitive growth and development. Data has shown that learning to read at a young age can increase a student’s ability to remember facts, comprehend information and be successful in both […]

February 2019

Foundation Grants and their Return on Investment. Return on investment (ROI) is a traditional financial metric used to analyze the efficiency of an investment. ROI = profit from an investment/investment cost and is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, if you invest $1,000 in creating a website and it increases your sales by $1,500, […]