January 2023

People around the world have been celebrating the start of each New Year for at least four millennia. The most common tradition is making resolutions for the up-coming year.

With so many people committing to goals for the New Year, the hope and optimism that change can happen is in the air. The reality is, however, that over 90% of New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned within just a few months.

Why do we do it, and why do we fail?

Some reasons include the idea that we’re thinking too big, we’re not considering the ‘why’ behind them, and the fact that we may not be ready for change.

The one thing that has not changed with Community Foundations, we look to create more positive change in our Community.  From childcare, housing, mental health and wellness for our most vulnerable citizens.

We continue to collaborate with social service groups, youth groups, city government, chamber of commerce, and the health department to address the pressing needs in our community.

We are dedicated to making powerful change in our communities and solving the complex problems facing our community.

December Projects:

Breakfast with Santa Project donated $33,500 for the Imagination Library Fund, 29 stuffed animals found a new home, 177 guests enjoyed a fabulous breakfast, and 75 children visited Santa and Caddy Bear.  We are very grateful for our sponsors.

Shop with a Hero Project was a morning of chaos of the best kind, 96 children received $100 gift card to shop for their family with a Hero at Walmart.  Volunteers from the Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle, Cadillac Area Men’s Giving Circle, Cadillac Leadership, Police Officers from Wexford and Missaukee Counties, EMS, Fire Department, and many others, for 87 volunteers.

2023 Projects:

Human Service Leadership Council is planning a “State of Mental Health in our Community” seminar February 23 at Baker.  A panel from Healthcare, Mental Health, Human Resources, Education, Ministry, and Police Department will talk about the greatest issues in our community and resources available.  Our hope is to discuss openly about what we can do to make a difference.

“Are we Housing Ready” Breakfast, we are working on having presenters from Frankfort, Grayling, and Mackinaw Island about their housing projects and how the community was involved.  In the last AES committee meeting, we discussed contracting a Housing Ready individual for Wexford, Missaukee, and Kalkaska Counties.  Planned for April.

Deep Dive Interactive Workshop for Non-profits developing templates to be used in commonly found sections of grant applications.  Planned for April.

We will continue to work in our community; this is a big task that we will not abandon.

Happy New Year!
















July 2022 Blog | Youth are our Future
Community foundations are more that money givers, they also serve as conveners for important community meeting, help build teams of organizations to solve problems, and serve nonprofits. We are always looking at the future needs of the community and the quality of life of our citizens.
The next generation are the most important and most affected stakeholders when talking about our future.
Our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) are encouraged to become volunteers and even donors from an early age. It also teaches the importance of generosity, being good stewards, and serving in our Community.
Students in 9th through 12th grade have the opportunity to join this group that encourages student leadership, volunteerism and community giving by engaging young people in decision-making and funding to address key youth issues in our community. It encourages youth involvement in philanthropy, and provides ways for local young people to act on issues and challenges that are important to them.
In the spring of 2022 the Youth did a Youth Needs Assessment, the top issues were quite alarming to the Youth Committee. They immediately discussed meeting during the summer to look at these issues and have a plan to addresses at the beginning of the school year (September). The students will pick 3 to 4 priority issues facing youth today to address. They plan to work in collaboration with school officials to make a positive impact on some of the top concerns.
This is the significance of working with youth; they are going to grow up to be local leaders, the next generation of giving, the next generation of addressing the needs of the community, etc.
Youth are our Future.
The Youth Needs Assessment, the survey was presented to Rotary Club of Cadillac, Cadillac Area Public School Board, Human Service Leadership Council, and the Cadillac Area Health Coalition.

Happy July! Doreen