July 2019

Profits Funding Passions ~ Celebrating 30 years of Philanthropy

Thirty one years ago, a small group of community members, who had a vision, met to discuss the possibility of creating a Community Foundation for the greater good of the Cadillac area.

On June 29, 1988, the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Michigan Department of Commerce, and the first Board of Trustees was formed. On that same date a request for status as a 501 c3 nonprofit was filed with the United States Internal Revenue Service, and the Cadillac Area Community Foundation was officially created!

Almost immediately, the citizens of the community were asked to donate to the Foundation, so that the money could be permanently endowed, and the earnings (PROFITS) from those donations could be reinvested into the community.

A new model for philanthropy was now in business in Cadillac, the aim of which was twofold; to support community needs through grantmaking and scholarship, and to provide a vehicle for donors to support their dreams for the community. That donor support comes in the form of memorial funds, agency funds, the field of interest funds, and donor-advised funds.

Today, the Cadillac Area Community Foundation houses 54 individual Funds and has awarded over $5.6 Million Dollars in Grants and Scholarships over the past 30 years.

These grant awards have improved the quality of life in our Community and supported many scholarships over the years. Without the PASSION of our donors, we would not have the PROFITS for grants or scholarships.

On June 26th we brought together donors, friends, and trustees, to celebrate, share history, and enjoy the newest community venue, “The Market”. With a beautiful evening and wonderful food, over 150 guests joined us in this celebration. What many didn’t know, we planned to surprise three organizations with three special grants totaling $30,000. These three organizations would receive $10,000 each for their work of changing lives every day.
The work they share is humbling and gratifying, and I can’t imagine life for the adults and children without them.

The three grants were awarded to:

Oasis Family Resource Center; an agency committed to using an empowerment-based philosophy in its approach to ending domestic and sexual violence.

The After 26 Project; a local non-profit Café that is giving developmentally disabled adults a purpose.

Healing Private Wounds; an organization that offers many programs to help victims and families heal from the painful trauma of sexual abuse.

There were cheers and tears, the surprise of granting $10,000 to each organization was a glorious end to a beautiful evening. PROFITS from the many generous donors made this possible, and we thank you for your continued support and PASSION for the quality of life in our Community.

Live fully,


June 2019

The “hub” for all things philanthropic.

The Cadillac Area Community Foundation is a charitable organization that connects people, supports local community programs, awards scholarships, and leads for change in the Cadillac community.

As the “hub” of all things, and in order to be aware of the issues and concerns in our community, we attend Health and Human Services meetings, Veterans Meetings, Health Coalitions, Community Forums, and other community-related programs and events

We are diligently working with non-profit organization’s and donors passions to make an impact on our community.  Whether it is assisting local veterans with emergency needs, helping victims of domestic violence find safety, or even expanding opportunities for local students; our vision is to be recognized as a resource for our donors and grantees.  We strive to connect donor gifts with the needs of the community.

Now, more than ever, our community must work towards ending generational poverty, homelessness, hunger; and to create hope and demonstrate that life can be better.

We are working towards that;

BECAUSE of our donor’s faith in us, we have Funds that touch many of the issues arising daily.  We have the ability to help other non-profit organizations through grants, provide assistance for students with their education through our Scholarship programs, and assist veterans through our Veterans Fund.

BECAUSE of our donor’s passion and love for our community, their gifts make positive changes that benefit our Community.

BECAUSE of our donor’s generosity, we are able to award grants that address local needs and improve the quality of life in the Community we love.

With the dedicated support from our donors, we have been able to accomplish many positive changes, and will continue to work towards bringing a brighter future to our Community.

As we continue in our work we thank you for your generous support of the Cadillac Area Community Foundation.



May 2019

Story telling – donor impact

Foundations are increasingly asking their donors to tell their story about why they invested funds with their local Foundation. These stories are educating our community members, businesses, organizations, and even our children about giving.

A philanthropic message from a friend, one-to-one, will make more of an impact than a receptionist on the other Read more

April 2019

We earned our SEAL!

The Cadillac Area Community Foundation has earned our Community Foundations National Standards Seal again for another year.  The Community Foundations National Standards Board confirms operational excellence in sex key areas-mission, structure, governance, resource development, stewardship and accountability, grantmaking and community leadership; donor relations; and communications.  The accreditation process is rigorous, and undertaking it demonstrates a community foundation’s commitment to accountability and excellence to its donors, its community, policymakers, and the public.

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March 2019

March is Reading Month

Literacy is one of the most fundamental skills necessary for a successful future. Reading plays a critical role in a child’s cognitive growth and development. Data has shown that learning to read at a young age can increase a student’s ability to remember facts, comprehend information and be successful in both school and a career.

In 2013, our local Imagination Library was founded as a collaborative effort between charitable business owners, philanthropic donors, the Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School Read more

February 2019

Foundation Grants and their Return on Investment.

Return on investment (ROI) is a traditional financial metric used to analyze the efficiency of an investment. ROI = profit from an investment/investment cost and is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, if you invest $1,000 in creating a website and it increases your sales by $1,500, then the ROI = (500 / 1,000) x 100 = 50%. Read more

January 2019

Putting our Strategic Plan to Work

In the fall of 2017, the Foundation Board of Trustees, myself, and Lyn Jenks, Consultant from the Council of Michigan Foundations began to outline our strategic direction for the Foundation.  Our first task was to look at our mission statement, which we revised to read:

“The Cadillac Area Community Foundation enhances the quality of life for all people in our community through philanthropy – connecting donor gifts with the needs in our community.”

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December 2018

Conveying Family Legacies and Values.

Time and time again, we hear the next generation express how their grandparent’s stories have strengthened their sense of identity.  For generations, conveying family legacies and values helped build a culture for the future.

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November 2018

Giving Thanks.

As human beings, it’s in our nature to help.

The Cadillac Area Community Foundation has been a community-based, philanthropic organization for over 30 years;  The Foundation has defined six areas that our grantmaking is focused on.  They are: Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Education, Youth, Recreation & Environment, and Health & Human Services.

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October 2018

Join Us to Create Change through the Women’s Giving Circle

The Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle is a network of women with a shared passion— they make a difference, they give back, and they want to create real change in issues that affect the quality of life for women and girls.

The Giving Circle pools the charitable gifts of our members into the Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle Fund, leveraging the power of every dollar to create real and sustainable change by funding programs and services that address issues of safety, health, and equality for women and girls in the Cadillac area.  Since August 2009, the Circle has awarded over $140,000 in grants.

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