August 2018

You’re invited… make the gift of a lifetime.

You are invited to join the most generous and forward-thinking members of our community, by joining the Legacy Society of the Cadillac Area Community Foundation.  Our Members all have made the commitment to support the future of our community through an estate gift to the Cadillac Area Community Foundation.

Here are the who, what, where, when, and why,  of leaving a legacy gift.

Who Can be a Member:  Anyone with a desire to give can make a legacy gift.

What Kind of Gift: A legacy gift can be made through a will in the form of  IRAs, securities, real estate, insurance benefits and cash.

Where Can my Gift Help:  Your legacy gift can be designated to support the arts, enrich education for our youth, protect the environment, provide food, clothing and shelter to the needy, safeguard health, foster a stronger community and more.

When Do I Designate a Gift:  Any time you are preparing or changing your will or estate plan, you may want to consider charitable legacy gifts.    Your gift can even create a Fund to benefit an agency, organization, or a special interest.  Together, we can craft a fund agreement now to take effect later.

Why Would Someone Leave a Legacy Gift:  For many people, these gift are preserving the family name, honoring loved ones, providing for heirs, supporting a nonprofit or interest that they care about, minimizing tax burdens, or to help provide continued support of the community  they call home.  Bequests to the community foundation are exempt from estate taxes.

You have worked hard, saved wisely, and invested well.  Assets you leave to the community will continue to grow and support good works today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.  Let the Cadillac Area Community Foundation help you explore your own opportunities to leave a lasting legacy for the causes you cherish.

Best Regards,