July 2018

Volunteers are the Cornerstone of our Community Foundation.

A community foundation is a nonprofit organization that operates in a fiscally responsible manner so that resources can be most fully utilized to support their mission.  For the Cadillac Area Community Foundation, this means utilizing the talents of volunteers to help power the organization.

Our Volunteer Board of Trustees take on tremendous responsibility.  They are a voting Board with full authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of the organization; to monitor the organization’s financial health, programs and overall performance; and to provide the Executive Director with the resources to meet the needs of those the organization serves.

The Volunteer Investment Committee is responsible for the execution and oversight of the Foundation investments and investment managers, and makes quarterly reports to the full Board of Trustees on investment matters including the acquisition, disposition, administration, and management of the investments of the Foundation and the performance of the investment managers.  The investment committee ensures compliance with the Investment Policy.


The Volunteer Scholarship Committees have the duty of reviewing the numerous scholarship applications submitted to the foundation every year, and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the scholarship awards.  Each scholarship committee is given selection criteria, specific to each scholarship program, to use while reviewing the applications.  The process requires a great deal of time, diligence, and commitment on the part of the volunteer.


The mission of our Volunteer Youth Advisors is to empower young people, involve them in the community and teach them about philanthropy while serving as stewards through granting.     Advisors are supportive, flexible, and consistent advocates for valuing youth’s perspectives.

For over 30 years, volunteers have served in every aspect of your Community Foundation.  Our best fund development team are our volunteers; they plant the idea of investment in the community by supporting the community foundation through their donations of time and resources.  Our volunteers are our contacts in the community in a variety of ways.  Volunteers make the organization, and they are not celebrated enough.  They make the difference.


We want all of our volunteers, past and present, to know we greatly appreciate their commitment, wisdom, and dedication to the Foundation.


Thank You,


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