June 2019

The “hub” for all things philanthropic.

The Cadillac Area Community Foundation is a charitable organization that connects people, supports local community programs, awards scholarships, and leads for change in the Cadillac community.

As the “hub” of all things, and in order to be aware of the issues and concerns in our community, we attend Health and Human Services meetings, Veterans Meetings, Health Coalitions, Community Forums, and other community-related programs and events

We are diligently working with non-profit organization’s and donors passions to make an impact on our community.  Whether it is assisting local veterans with emergency needs, helping victims of domestic violence find safety, or even expanding opportunities for local students; our vision is to be recognized as a resource for our donors and grantees.  We strive to connect donor gifts with the needs of the community.

Now, more than ever, our community must work towards ending generational poverty, homelessness, hunger; and to create hope and demonstrate that life can be better.

We are working towards that;

BECAUSE of our donor’s faith in us, we have Funds that touch many of the issues arising daily.  We have the ability to help other non-profit organizations through grants, provide assistance for students with their education through our Scholarship programs, and assist veterans through our Veterans Fund.

BECAUSE of our donor’s passion and love for our community, their gifts make positive changes that benefit our Community.

BECAUSE of our donor’s generosity, we are able to award grants that address local needs and improve the quality of life in the Community we love.

With the dedicated support from our donors, we have been able to accomplish many positive changes, and will continue to work towards bringing a brighter future to our Community.

As we continue in our work we thank you for your generous support of the Cadillac Area Community Foundation.