May 2019

Story telling – donor impact

Foundations are increasingly asking their donors to tell their story about why they invested funds with their local Foundation. These stories are educating our community members, businesses, organizations, and even our children about giving.

A philanthropic message from a friend, one-to-one, will make more of an impact than a receptionist on the other end of the phone.  Their story is more apt to influence a potential donor to speak to their CPA or Financial Investors about creating a charitable gift annuity, or tax-favored methods of gifting with their local Foundation.  Some of the stories can be on the emotional level; starting a memorial fund for a family member that has recently passed away or starting a fund for an organization they are very passionate about. There is always a story connected to why an individual donates.

We encourage organizations that have received grants from the Community Foundation to do a press releases to tell their story of what the grant will do for their organization, how many people will it effect, and the plan of how this program or project go forward?  The impact of these stories can motivate volunteers, engage business leaders, and inspire donors.

One of the inspiring aspects of working in philanthropy is the opportunity to hear these powerful stories that have changed lives and impacted our Community.  Storytelling can be powerful.

Sharing your stories is a true treasure for the Community Foundation, so please keep sharing!